Our employees are the key

AUDI AG’s employees are the beating heart of the company. Their particular diversity in skills and talent is reflected at Audi Consulting as well.
Our team comprises more than 100 consultants with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications. In addition to engineers, business administration specialists, and legal experts, we can also count psychologists and linguists among our ranks. What does unite us all is our dedication and our will to work together in order to push Audi forward and prepare it to successfully tackle future challenges.

Four professionals sit in a semicircle discussing projects in an informal setting.
The heart of our work:
communication and transparency

To achieve our goals, we work together in a tight-knit team and are in a constant dialogue. For example, we communicate to each other via an online community, where we discuss project progress and forthcoming issues, as well as organizing leisure activities. At our monthly “breakfast and more” event, held by colleagues for colleagues, we share our learnings and experiences from projects, present and challenge newly developed methods. Once per quarter, we all assemble at a town hall meeting. Here, we discuss and shed light on various aspects of our strategic direction.

We regard a culture of effective feedback, clarity, and honest communication as a cornerstone of our work and as a means of ensuring that our projects are effective.

Employees play football – a welcome diversion from the working day.
Team events and leisure time

Team spirit is important to us and not just during office hours. We like to tackle new challenges outside the confines of our day-to-day work, too. A team from Audi Consulting regularly takes part in the Audi Cup, a large-scale employee soccer tournament featuring participants from numerous locations and countries.
At the Audi.Staffellauf relay race, our runners reel off the laps to raise money for a good cause. In other words, stamina is a sought-after commodity for more than just our projects.