Our way of consulting: End to End

We regard ourselves as a provider of end-to-end consulting. For us, a project does not end after the analytical or conceptual stage.
Together with our clients we take every step necessary to support them implementing the changes as an integral and sustainable part of the organization.

Our portfolio of services consists of five Competence Centers. These reflect the broad range of specialist knowledge and experience that Audi Consulting has to offer:

  • Concepts Corporate Management/Employee Surveys
  • Strategy Consulting and Process Design
  • Process Consulting
  • Structure Consulting
  • Change Consulting

This portfolio of services enables our interdisciplinary team to administer all relevant dimensions of a project, right from the beginning to the very end.

Bimodal strategy

In our projects, we employ a bimodal XPLOIT and XPLORE strategy.

XPLOIT involves safeguarding and optimizing the core business; for instance, by creating transparent structures, reducing process complexity, or consistently defining responsibilities.


XPLORE, meanwhile, focuses on researching the new and innovative. The aim is to explore and open up new business areas and develop business models for the future. At the same time, we pilot new and agile working methods and organizational structures.

It is essential to strike a balance between these two approaches to ensure that the challenges presented by the core business and future business can be tackled efficiently at the same time.