The 100 or so employees of Audi Consulting on a ramp outside the building in Ingolstadt.

About us

We are the inhouse consulting of Audi. Meet our team and learn about our consulting approach.

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A man looks at a picture labeled “Transformation” on a tablet.

Our Profile

We organize our knowledge into five Competence Centers. Find out more about our structure.

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Teams of experts work on process optimizations at the agile process workspace in Gaimersheim.


Take a look at some specific examples of what we are working on and how we go about it. Here we describe two of our projects in more detail.

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A woman stands next to an Audi and looks into the car with a curious but friendly expression.


We are always looking for support, both from professionals as well as from graduates and students.

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Our current job openings can be found here.

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